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Convention Update

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2019 Convention Update
Preparations begin for Redwood Falls Convention, Aug. 1-3rd of 2019.
District 7 is excited about bringing our state trappers convention back to Redwood Falls next season. If you jog the memory banks, it was held there back in 2011 and the heat index was over 100. Not sure if that is preferred over our 2018 convention where it never stopped raining. We do know from 2011 that we did draw additional crowd from SD and Iowa. Even though it was hot the convention had a good turnout. It already has been a pleasure working with the community for preparation a year from now.

Coordinators are listed on the web site. Buzz will be doing the vendors once again this year. He is requesting that all vendors go through him so coordination is less confusing, so pass the word. Brian Fischer (District 7 director) will be the general convention coordinator along with Tyler Thompson (District 7 co-director).

In the process of creating committees and finding leaders to step forward to organize. A list of these committees will eventually be posted on our web site. I am asking people that want to be involved to call my cell 507-276-6322 for assignments. I have learned along time ago people want to be involve but they need to be asked. Consider this your invitation. Get involve and experience the rewards. In most cases we have already the committees chairperson. We are looking for laborers to help out. Examples of committees: booth layout, table setup, kids, games, demo area setup, Friday co-assignment auction, Saturday benefit auction, entertainment, camping, tailgating, cleanup ect. Lots of different work details, give me a call and I will find something that will fit your wants. A committee listing will get posted along with time slots, so watch for that on the web site and future newsletters.

Motels and hotels have been listed on the web site and are in this issue of the newsletter. There are 3 in town. One has rooms blocked off for the trappers. Its only blocks away for the Redwood Falls Fairgrounds. I would suggest making reservations early. There is Farmfest that will take place outside of Redwood Falls starting the Tuesday after our convention that may interfere a bit with room vacancy. Jackpot Junction Hotel is also available, it is 7 miles down the road from Redwood Falls. In a later newsletter addition I will be posting restaurants and other community business that may be sharing discounts for our trapping organization.

Pass it on,  Brian Fischer
©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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