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Beginner Trapper Connection
*Designed for kids, youth, and any age beginner!  
-- 2019 Convention Report --
The Beginner Trappers Connection hands-on approach brings us to the completion of our fifth season of the BTC program.
Another success story is in the history book. This year’s theme was to try and imitate three days of prepared on and three days on the trapline. We did this by more hands-on sessions, visiting adult demos and visiting vendors to shop for trap supplies.

The setting and attention given to the BTC is growing every year. Its detail in the demo area and surround prepared on has grown to be equal to land and water demo spaces. Thank your membership and MTA board for allowing this to happen. Our future of trappers will grow because of these decisions that are being made now. Thank you to all that are donating to the BTC, your monies are well spent. This year, we did have a tent set up again with the difference being it was the same size as the adults with two full-size bleachers beneath. It was the perfect space for kids to sit with adults. We even had our own sound system, that’s cool!

A total of 14 presentations went as scheduled. This year I had a team of presenters with lots of different thoughts. Depending upon the day and time, demos were well attended. We do know throughout the convention 103 certificates were handed out after the demo’s completed on. We also know that well over 95% of these certificates had been redeemed at the vendor’s booth. Thanks to all the sponsors for the continued support of this program. Kids this year walked home with lures, baits, skinning tools, and even a coyote demo. I said a thank you to the vendors but I also want to thank the presenters, which included four kids, for the good help and commitment given to teach these young future trappers.

Looking forward to our 6th season coming in 2020 at the Barnum Fairgrounds. Make a difference and give me a call if your wanting to be part of the program, your help would be appreciated.

Pass it On Brian

©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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