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Board of Directors meeting minutes
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Minnesota Trappers Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Location: Carlton County Fair Grounds, Barnum, MN
Date: July 29, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.

Board of Directors Meeting called to order at 5:08 p.m. by President Roggenkamp
Roll Call
  • Present:
o   President
o   Vice President
o   Treasurer
o   Secretary - Vacant
o   District 1 Director
o   District 2 Director
o   District 3 Director
o   District 4 Director
o   District 5 Director
o   District 5 Director
o   District 6 Director
o   District 8 Director
o   Legal Counsel
o   DNR
o   MTA Membership
o   MTA Souvenirs Chair
o   MTA Raffle
o   NTA Director
o   FTA Director
o   MOHA - Absent
o   Education - Absent
o   Tanned Fur
o   MTA Souvenirs
o   MTA Magazine - Absent
o   MTA Website - Absent
President Remarks – President welcomed everyone and thanked the board for their dedication and service the last four years especially with covid this last year. Its been a pleasure to work with everyone.
  • Board of Director Minutes: Approval of the April 10, 2021, Board of Directors Meeting Minutes.
      • District 3 Director motioned to approve the minutes. District 5 Director seconded; motion approved.
  • Treasurer Report: The treasurer provided the financial position of the organization as of June 30, 2021, as well as the organizations current up to date financials through July 18, 2021.
      • District 7 motioned to approve the financial statements as presented, District 5 seconded, motion approved.
  • Membership Coordinators report- Report Submitted by President- Recruitment is slow and not noted on the membership forms. Dave Curtis would like to step down from the Recruitment position. Current membership is approximately 2226 as of July 29, 2021.  
  • DNR – regulation books will be coming out soon. Not a lot of changes coming up.
      • Final harvest report was completed in March and there weren’t any dramatic changes.
      • District 2 inquired if the Fisher/Marten is going to change. The numbers are not warranting any changes currently.
      • Any discussion for opening Fisher/Bobcat season? Looking at opening Bobcat and Fisher statewide but may need to scale back a bit. It would be beneficial if the MTA would send a letter in support of this issue.
      • State of Minnesota just hired a Chief DNR Officer with a Vet background.
      • Dog proof traps by water was discussed. No legislative wanted to pursue it.
      • DNR Officer Scott Staples asked about the Trappers College and the MTA paid for this last year and it will be rolled forward to this September.
      • Tanned Fur, DNR Officer Scott Staples is working on getting them put up before they are freezer burnt. He is encouraging them to bring them to local district directors or winter meeting.
      • DNR Officer Scott Staples has been reassigned to supervising around the Mille Lacs Lake area, he is not sure if his position with the MTA will change or not, however he would like to stay involved with the MTA. Dewey invited the officers to the winter meeting January 22, 2022, to do tagging.
  • Trapper Youth Education – Shawn encouraged everyone to host classes. Please send to Carol Thaemert and setup the email process with her.
      • Beginning Trapper Connection – no update at this time
      • Scholarship Committee – 7 applicants. The winners are as follows - $2000 – Samuel Juidici, Hibbing MN, $1000 each – Shaelyn Predmore, Pine Island, MN, Cade Predmore, Pine Island, MN, and Bridget Bazile, Tigerton, WI. Award letters will go out next week and thank you to all who submitted applications.
      • Current Committee members Brian Fischer, Andy Shoemaker, Brad Wobbrock, Gary Nelson, Steve Pahlen and Wayne Thompson. Steve and Wayne did not participate in this year’s selection process.
  • Sustaining Donor Program -
         Total collected for 2021 as of 7-26-2021 is $3070.
Total of 2021 patches is 83 patches or $2075.
  • Legal Counsel –
      • Legislative session 2021 recap – Did get an author on the non-resident trapping bill, however nothing is moving forward.
      • Wolf Season update - MTA has been heavily involved in this since 2012. Currently not listed Federally. There is legislation currently that would involve a wolf season in Minnesota. Wolf Committee is still working on recommendations. Nationally there are cases in Montana and Idaho.
      • Increase Otter limit to 8 and season extension to April 30 Statewide. Would be helpful if the DNR had an official position on this.
      • Dog proof water trapping gave a brief history. The board should make a motion to present an official stance to the DNR regarding the dog proof water trapping and Otter limit.
          • District 4 motioned to draft a letter to the DNR with top priority regarding the increase in the otter limit to 8 and second priority to extend the season to April 30 statewide, District 1 seconded, discussion was held. Motion approved.
          • District 5 motioned to allow the use of dog proof traps within the water right of ways in early season. District 6, seconded, discussion was held. Motion approved.
      • DNR Officer John Erb inquired about the MN lynx lawsuit. Legal counsel provided an update.
  • Souvenir Coordinator report – Current inventory $24,314.43. Ordered a new hoody and they have sold very well at the convention. Already have a sponsor for the volunteer shirts next year – Schmitt Enterprise agreed to sponsor again. Trap setting awards are very expensive and Eric will work to bring a proposal back to the board to reduce costs.
  • Tanned Fur Project – Tim provided an update. 2020 was slow but 2021 has increased and inventory is good. Tim has been doing this project since 1997 and it has been around since 1993. There is a need for Grey Fox, Coyote, badger, and Skunk.
  • MOHA – Todd provided a report on behalf of Randy Goldeman . Please consider a donation to MOHA. Board should add this to the budget next year. Suggested donation would be $500
  • NTA – Wayne provided an update about the NTA convention in Iowa July 22-24. Some great ideas were gathered, and we should consider at our state convention. We lost the case in New Mexico by 1 vote. NTA will be pursuing a lawsuit against New Mexico. NTA, FTA, Sportsman Alliance and the National Congressional Conference are joining forces. Grunwald fur buyer is requiring the trapper to sign off that you complied with state and federal law if you sell to them.
  • FTA – Dan attended the National Rendezvous was June 17-19, 2021, in Charleston Indiana. Next year’s convention is in Lawrence, Kansas. MTA was presented a plaque for supporting the FTA. Dan appreciates the support from the MTA for the FTA so we can come together and stand strong. Stop by the booth to review the call-to-action form so we can contact legislators. Tim Hiller made a presentation at the convention that he is doing research and provides what the trappers are currently doing. Tim Hiller, along with 80 authors are updating a book and looking for support this effort. This could be an educational expenditure.
  • Education Raffle – raffle is going well, and demand has been high. Approximately $64000 in sales so far. Looking for help in the booth to prepare them for the drawing. Certain incentive guns are not available so we will offer a gun of equal value or gift certificate of the same value. Will prepare gun lineup for the 2022 raffle for the fall board meeting to approve. Don MCgaffey stated that General Store of Osakis would like to present a bid. Discussion was held about the bid process. Tom is looking for input regarding the cash prize verses the 4wheeler. Board is in agreement with the cash prize for 2022.
  • Magazine – no update.
  • Web page – no update
  • Facebook Page – no update. Administrators are Dave Curtis, Dan Stokk, Tom Schmoll and Craig Hillburn
  • Fundraiser Committee – Brian provided an update and will work with Jess and Beau on the recruitment. Calendar is being pre-sold for advertising, and you can pre-order your calendar at the MTA Booth. It has been well received. Another idea was presented to the board – a 99 Club - 99 memberships are sold and give away money. Brian will review gambling rules with legal counsel.
  • Winter Meeting update – Dewey provided an update. School prices went up slightly, total estimated $1090. School is confirmed January 22, 2022.
  • Legal Defense Fund Banquet– A brief update was given on the 2021 banquet. Close to 120 tickets were sold. The banquet raised $21,529. Next year’s banquet is set for January 22, 2022, at the Brainerd American Legion. Districts were encouraged to engage their members and businesses in contributing donations to the LDF for future events.
Old Business – none
New Business
  • Annual giving to NTA & FTA – discussion was held. Add this to the October agenda and the board should consider adding this to budget for 2022. District 7 requested NTA and FTA to bring forth to the board an annual giving amount. Treasurer will email NTA and FTA.
  • Bids for MTA 2022 Summer Convention –
      • District 5 present a bid for Litchfield, $3500 to rent with half due at reservation, however only open dates are September 16, 2022 – October 15, 2022.
      • District 3 presented a bid for Wadena for August 4-6, 2022. Rent is $1500 and includes a skid steer for Tuesday – Wednesday and Sunday for cleanup. Also need to rent the 4-H building for $450.
      • District 7 motioned to accept the proposal from District 3 to hold the summer convention August 4-6, 2022, District 2, seconded, discussion was held. Motion approved.
  • Awards Committee – Tyler is requesting to update the committee to 7 members. Eric Maijala and Todd Roggenkamp, John Backman and Bill Alder have volunteered to serve on the committee. Also, to Increase the deadline for submission of awards to June 1st.  Board should make a recommendation in March for the Who’s Who award.
      • District 4 motioned to move the submission deadline to June 1st, District 3 seconded. Motion approved.
  • Alexandria Youth Activity Day – August 29, 2021, Don Mcgaffey is looking for volunteers for the booth.
  • Adjourn
      • District 4 motioned to adjourn. Seconded by District 5. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:26 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Brenda Jindra, acting Secretary
©️ Copyright 2021 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2021 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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