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Board of Directors meeting minutes
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Minnesota Trappers Association
General Membership Meeting Minutes
Location: Forestview Elementary, Brainerd, MN
Date:  January 4, 2020
General Membership Meeting Called to order at 11:03 am
Welcome by President Roggenkamp and introduction of the BOD
Approval of the August 1, 2019 General Membership Meeting Minutes.
    • Bert Highland motioned to approve the August 1, 2019 general membership minutes as written. Jim Anderson seconded the motion, motion approved.
President Remarks
Treasurer Report: The Treasurer presented the current financials, and 2020 Budget of the organization and answered questions from the membership.
Membership Report: The Membership Coordinator presented his report to the General Membership. Current membership is at 1900. The MTA has a decline in members within the organization currently.
Legal Counsel: Gary Leistico was unable to be present at the general membership meeting. President Roggenkamp provided an update on the Lynx Lawsuit and Wolf Roundtable. Legislative session starts later this year and is a non-budget session. MTA will be represented at the Capital. MTA hired Tim Spreck as the MYA Lobbyist for 2020.
Sustaining Donor Program: President provided an update and thanked Leon and Denise for their work with the program. 2020 the funds will be used for Advertising and Promotions for the MTA.
MOHA Report: Randy Goldenman presented information on MOHA updates. Day at the Capital is targeted for February 22 – 24, he is working to get a reservation for one of those days. Member informed membership about the Thursday night Public Radio time with Legislatures.
DNR Report: President provided an update on behalf of the DNR. Jon provided information on the Wolf delisting. Also, a proposal for delisting Lynx. Beaver Statue update will be published in the next magazine.
    • Breakaways Snare updated- delay in the rule writing
    • Change in the Bobcat, Martin and Fisher season and there were positive comments about the season. Processing the tags and will update on numbers later.
Trapper/Youth Education: The Trapper Education Coordinator submitted a report on trapper’s education classes, districts are required to put on a couple classes a year and they are looking for trappers to present for these classes. We encourage trappers to be mentors and take a young trapper on the trap line. We need more field days and we need members to get involved. Scholarship program can be found on the website and from Shawn Johnson. MTA provides $5000 in scholarships for 2020.
Tanned Fur Project report: Tim Caven provided an update. Tim has been doing the project for 25 years. Looking for districts to prep fur for this project.
NTA/FTA Report: No report. President thanked both coordinates for their work for MTA at the national level.
Education Raffle Report: President provided an update of our education raffle and encourage members to pick up tickets today and help MTA save on postage. 2019 we raised approximately $27000.

Fur Handling Awards: 1st Bert Highland, 2nd Katelyn Jindra, 3rd Brad. MTA wishes to thank Cumberlands for sponsoring these awards.
Biggest Furbearer Contest: MTA wishes to thank Schmitz Enterprise for sponsoring this contest.
Old Business: No old business
New Business:
    • Body Grip measurement update – follow up with diagram in regulation book.
    • Member provided a thank you for new design of website and appreciates the work that has been done.
    • MTA has a Facebook page – Tom Schmoll, Dave Curtis and Brian Fisher are the moderators of this page.
    • District directors please update the Facebook committee on spring and fall meetings.
    • Tyler Thompson updated the membership about yearly MTA awards. The deadline is July 1st for nominations.
Bruce Cotti motioned to adjourn meeting and Lloyd Bakken 2nd, motion approved.
Meeting adjourned at 12:26 P.M.
Minnesota Trappers Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Location: Brainerd American Legion, Brainerd, MN
Date:  January 3, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting Called to order at 6:12 pm.
Roll Call:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • District 1 Director and Co-Director
  • District 2 Director and Co-Director
  • District 3 Director and Co-Directors
  • District 4 Director and Co-Director
  • District 5 Director and Co-Directors
  • District 6 Director
  • District 7 Director
  • District 8 Director and Co-Director
  • Legal Counsel
  • DNR Representative
  • FTA Representative
  • NTA Representative
  • BTC Coordinator
  • MOHA Representative
  • Souvenirs Coordinator
  • MTA Webmaster
  • MTA Magazine
President Remarks
Approval of the October 5, 2019 and December 3, 2019 Board of Directors Meetings Minutes.
  • District 7 Director motioned to approve the board meetings minutes as written. District 5 Director seconded the motion, motion approved.
  • Secretary Report: Treasurer presented the draft policy and procedures manual to the board on behalf of the committee of Todd Roggenkamp, Brian Fischer and Brenda Jindra. The Board should submit suggested changes to Brenda by 1/31/20 and she will update the manual so it can be reviewed by legal counsel. The changes will be presented at the Spring meeting for approval.

  • Treasurer Report: The Treasurer presented the current financials, 2019 budget to actual and 2020 Budget of the organization and answered questions from the board.

  • District 5 Director motioned to approve the financial statements and budget for 2020 as presented to the board. District 3 Director seconded the motion, motion approved.

  • Membership Report: The Membership Coordinator presented his report to the Board of Directors. The MTA has a decline in members within the organization currently.

  • Sustaining Donor: The Sustaining Donor Coordinator submitted a report on patches sold for 2019.

  • DNR
  • Trapper Incidents:
  • Snare Breakaways:
  • Registration night:

  • Webpage:  The Webmaster presented her report to the Board on the current status of the Webpage. She requested photos of new directors and co-directors. She also requested historical information of hall of famers and officers. Please give descriptions to the pictures that are sent to her so she can better post them to the web. Currently have 8 videos for youth education.

  • Trapper/Youth Education:  The Trapper Education Coordinator submitted a report on

  • Souvenirs: Committee Chair presented his report on inventory. Two new shirts will be printed this year. Board members should email the chair their shirt size for a polo shirt. He passed out district bags for District Spring Meetings.

  • Tanned Fur Project Report:  The Tanned Fur Coordinator submitted a report on his position and the current progress of the program.

  • MOHA: MOHA Coordinator submitted his report on his position and is looking at a Trappers Day at the Capital sometime in March. President will work with Coordinator on MOHA Banquet.

  • Legal Counsel: Session starts on February 11, 2020. Forest zone did retain their own lobbyist as well as Dog Lovers has their own. Breakaway Snares are still an issue with breaking away at a higher rate than what is stated.
  • Lynx Lawsuit: Legal Counsel presented on the lawsuit.
  • Wolf Roundtable: Legal Counsel applied to be on the roundtable on behalf of the MTA. Waiting to hear if MTA has a seat at the table.
  • National Level: Currently four fur bands that have passed.
  • Fisher and Martin Season: If anyone has comments on the season please let Legal Counsel know. District 4 provided comments with a 70/30 in favor.

  • NTA: The NTA Representative reported on current activities going on at the national level. NTA will be providing training on legislation for officers. NTA Lifetime members there was a scam going around. Secretary at NTA passed away. 2021 NTA will be organizing an antler drive. NTA representative inquired about hosting a National Convention. Board requested that NTA Representative to inquire about numbers of the national convention and report back to the board. NTA will provide information on youth membership program.

  • FTA:  The FTA Representative reported on current activities and that there is currently of 90 FTA Affiliations nationwide. MTA was listed in the FTA magazine with our donation to the Carol K Scholarship Program. FTA requested a donation of $200 to be used for FTA Raffle. FTA representative will not be able to attend the national convention, however, will work with MTA President to find a replacement.

  • District 5 made a motion to provide 4 $50 gift certificates from Cumberland’s to donate to the FTA Raffle from our Education Fund, District 1 seconded, motion approved.

  • Education Raffle:  Education Chair presented his report. Tickets will be handed out at the meeting tomorrow.

  • Facebook: 1065 likes since the summer convention. Administrators are doing a great job. No negative posts. Goals for 2020:
  • Submit meeting dates, events so they can be posted on the page
  • Share more posts
  • Create a library of documents

  • MTA 2020 Summer Convention: District Reports: No report at this time.  

Old Business

New Business

    • BOD discussion of financial future for MTA lobbyist:  District 4 – tabled for the spring meeting
    • MN Statue 97B.667 – District 4: Discussion was held.
    • Newsletter Deadline: District 4:
    • District 4 made a motion to require MTA Magazine submission deadlines of Feb 5, May 5, Aug 5 and Nov 5, District 3 seconded motion, motion failed.
    • District 3 Director motioned to adjourn the Board of Directors meeting. District 5 Director seconded the motion, motion approved.


Meeting adjourned at 11:05 P.M.
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