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Beginner Trapper Connection Information
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Minnesota Trappers Association
Beginner Trapper Connection Director

Brian Fischer
55458 Cty Rd 21
Courtland, MN  56021
(507) 276-6322

Fall Report 2021

The Beginner Trapper Connection Corner Report:

What’s the program all about, educating our newcomers! An educational program specifically designed for kids, youth, or any age beginner. Objective is to introduce the sport to newcomers of all ages and to help build up the MTA foundation by increasing organization membership and to engage youth with vendors. Participants enjoyed basic trapping lessons and methods reference to our great sport and heritage.

Beginner Trappers Connection-numbers increased in 2021!

In 2014 when this program kicked off our attendance average 9-10 per session. Our 7th season, in Barnum, brought an average of 15 kids per demo. The increase was seen throughout the fairgrounds with not only kids, but I saw families being involved.
Explanation of demo program reward process, thank our sponsors!

After every BTC demo, kids through young adults that attend had received a certificate from the presenter. This certificate had specific information such as demo time, description, sponsor and reward documented. After once receiving their certificate, they were required to search out and find various vendors to redeem their reward. Rewards given were fluorescent marking tape, tail zipper, grooming comb, hardware, stretchers, block of trapper’s wax, lures, traps, and more traps. Rewards are established ahead of time and orientated to the demo presented. Kids that attend these demos walk home with at least twenty different items. Thank you all for the addition contributions to make this happen.

Results of 2021 demos scheduled, focus on education!

Thursday started with our first BTC demo, Animal Identification, with fifteen kids showing up. The numbers maintained throughout the entire weekend. I will let the quote below from a spectator tell the rest:

Thanks for the absolutely fantastic weekend!!! Wow! I am still so shocked that we got to participate in something so incredibly exciting!! I brought my three kids as my son was interested in trapping, and I saw “children’s games “on the events schedule. I have to tell you, the girls were so enthralled with the programs on trapping, they didn’t participate in a single game or contest! We all had a blast and learned a TON! I am emailing all my friends and telling them what a great time we had, with pictures as “proof” lol. You have done a LOT of work and it absolutely shines through! Thanks for the awesome experience and super useful items! We bought a few things we needed (like trap dye and trap setters) and hope to return next year with my children’s catches!!

This was so fun, thanks again!!

Thank you, presenters and sponsors, support was awesome!
Pass it on, Brian

©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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