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MTA Convention Awards
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Minnesota Trappers Association
Convention 2019 Award Receipients
   MTA President's Award:
Presented by Vice President Dewey Schmitz...
MTA President’s Award 2019
Chris Holm

The first president’s award goes to an individual from district 4, who has been a trapper for most of his life. He enjoys spending time trapping for rats, beaver, and bobcats along with a variety of other animals. For the past several years he has volunteered in a variety of areas assisting the MTA at the convention, winter meeting, and the LDF Banquet.  He has helped with past wild game feeds, assisted in setting up the camping and vendor areas, and worked on putting up and taking down the tables and chairs for the winter meeting events. In addition to this, he has served on the LDF Banquet committee taking on a variety of responsibilities while assisting the chair of the committee. He is always willing to pitch in and help whenever he is called upon. His easy-going demeanor and can-do attitude has been a great help to the MTA and the people who work with him.

His dedication to the MTA with his continued volunteer efforts on behalf of all is to be commended.

Please help in giving a round of applause to our first President’s Award recipient of 2019, Chris Holm.

MTA President’s Award 2019
Randy Goldenman

The next President’s award goes to an individual who recently came on board as a volunteer by getting involved at the board level. He has been a life-long trapper, trapping a variety of animals with beaver being his favorite. Even before becoming involved directly with the MTA this man has been very active down at our state capital spending countless hours talking with Representatives and Senators about trapping and its’ importance in helping manage wildlife populations in our state. In the past couple of years, he has taken this passion for educating about trapping to a new level by serving as the MTA’s MOHA representative. He has attended the MOHA meetings and banquets representing the MTA and its’ views and positions. Along with this he has organized and helped put on MTA’s Trappers Day at the Capital helping to increase the MTA’s exposure at the state capital with Senators and Representatives. He has helped organize meetings with legislators for his district and others to help educate on the importance of trapping.

His passion for trapping and teaching people about it in the political arena is to be applauded. The continued work he does at our state legislation as a trapper defending our rights is paramount to helping trappers continue to have meaningful trapping in MN.

It gives me great pleasure to recognize Randy Goldenman MTA MOHA representative with an MTA President’s Award.  

MTA President’s Award 2019
Tim Spreck
(No Photo)

The final President’s award goes to a gentleman who has been only recently associated with the MTA. His background in defending outdoors people and their interests in MN is extensive. He has been involved with a number of organizations over the years defending their rights to trap, hunt, and fish in MN. He has done this working with organizations to build relationships with our state legislators, educating them about the importance of outdoor sportspeople and their role in helping manage our state’s resources through regulated take.

He spends countless hours every year down at the state capital doing this. He monitors constantly what is happening with any bills that could positively or negatively impact trappers and is quick to inform the MTA of these and gives input on how to best navigate these for positive impact for trappers, traps, and trapping. His knowledge of how state politics works regarding trapping, hunting, and fishing issues is key in helping get the best outcome possible for trappers related to keeping meaningful trapping for the trappers of this state. He does all of this by serving as the MTA’s lobbyist at the capital. Due to his work and dedication to trappers and trapping related issues, the MTA is able to maintain trappers’ rights in this state.

Help me in recognizing MTA Lobbyist Tim Spreck with a round of applause as he is presented with this MTA President’s Award.

Fur Tanning Project Traveling Trophy
Top Donor Award for 2019
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©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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