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List of winners of the MTA Annual Raffle
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Minnesota Trappers Association
Annual Raffle Chair
Tom Boser
29041 73rd St
Pierz, MN  56364
(320) 290-4149

2020 Raffle Drawing held August 1, 2020:
   Mailing address:
   29041 73rd St.
   Pierz,  MN 56364

Fall 2020 Raffle Report
Good evening all.

I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who worked with me on making this another successful raffle. I was completely surprised by the size of the turnout of this year's raffle. With all the uncertainty that this year has posed, you the members all worked hard to make sure we can keep on doing what we do. On August 1st we held the raffle in Brainerd. We had moved the location due to the convention cancellation. We had 17+ people present during the raffle, and can you believe that this year's raffle brought in over 61,000 tickets again. Crazy, so once again thanks to all the members who work so hard to make this raffle a success.

We had several members again sell over 1000 tickets. Be sure to check out the list that is posted here in the newsletter. We would like to thank all the members who sold or purchased tickets of any amount. You all do a great job.

Its been a  tricky year for us and ask for your patience as we work through all the steps to get everything situated. Incentives have proven to be a trick so we will get through it together. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
As we wrap up this year, we will be getting next year's raffle started already again. Feel free to call or email me if you have any suggestions or questions about the raffle.

Tom Boser

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