Al Kasper


Al Kasper


Born: May 22, 1952

Hometown: Pierz, MN

Al Kasper was born in 1952 in the town of Little Falls. He now resides just down the road from Little Falls in the town of Pierz.

Al started trapping at the age of 12. With no one to help teach him or influence him, Al learned to trap through trial and error learning techniques as he went. His lessons taught him how to trap a variety of animals over the years.

If he had one animal to pick as a favorite to trap Al says it would have to be the coyote because it is one of the more challenging animals to trap and outsmart.

His most cherished memory on the trap line is the time he made two sets close to each other for dox and ended up catching a double on red fox.

When he is not trapping other animals, Al likes to trap pocket gophers, catching hundreds of them every spring and summer.

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