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2021 Officer Nominations
Minnesota Trappers Association
2021 Officer Nominations
For President and Vice President
Members of the MTA,
I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Bert Highland for Vice President of the MTA.
Bert has been involved in the MTA for several decades. He has served on the Board as a District 1 Director, chaired several MTA Conventions as well as countless committees. His continuous support of the MTA at various fairs, sport shows and teaching the sport of trapping to others shows his dedication and devotion to our sport. He shows this support continuously and is a devoted volunteer. One that can always be counted on to help at a moment’s notice.
I have had the opportunity to work with Bert during my time as a District Director and now as the Vice President. You will find Bert is extremely detailed oriented. This attention to detail will prove to be an asset in the role of Vice President if he is elected. His ability to see the big picture and understand that the interests of all trappers in the state must be considered when making a decision that will impact traps, trappers, and trapping.
I feel Bert will be an asset as the next Vice President and ask that you stand with me in nominating him for Vice President of the MTA.
Duane Schmitz
MTA Vice President
Fellow MTA Members,
I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Bert Highland for the position of MTA Vice President.  We all recognize Bert as the committed District1 Director who held that position for a period of ten years.  While holding this position, you could count on District meetings every March and September, and a District 1 report in every issue of our Newsletter and The Trapper Post.  His district meetings were well attended because he made them a great social event filled with issue updates, discussions, lunch, and ending with a large fund raising raffle.

Bert also demonstrated his management skills by taking on Convention set-up when held in NE MN, sponsoring the marten box project, and organizing MTA Promotion/Education booths at annual Duluth Boat Shows and other public events around our district.  He is a generous contributor to the Tanned Fur Project and other fund raising programs.

But what impresses me the most is that Bert is a skilled, proficient trapper and fur handler.  I recall crossing paths with Bert one fall morning while we were checking our lines.  I took a look in his truck box, there were mink, beaver, and canines, including a beautiful cross fox.  He doesn't target just one species, he targets them all at the same time.

I would like you to support my nomination of Bert Highland for MTA Vice President with your vote at this summer's convention in Barnum.  Bert's drive, commitment and leadership skills will be of benefit to the MTA statewide.
Dan Croke,former MTA President.
I would like to nominate Bert Highland for the position of vice president of the Minnesota Trappers Association.
Bert is an excellent candidate for the position, with his knowledge of trapping, his passion to pass it on thru his many years of educating future trappers and his previous ten years as District one director.
His dedication shows in many other ways also. Bert, for many years has driven a pickup load of guys to the capitol for the trappers day at the legislature, and volunteered at many conventions above his duties as a director.
Bert is a very trustworthy person. When he was director he made sure that all finances were above board and when we worked the many Duluth boat shows in Duluth where we had an MTA booth, he made sure that at least 2 others were involved with correct accounting of the sales. Bert has also helped a few trappers disperse of their traps and supplies when they were at the end of their lines, and he made sure that it was disposed of as their wishes stated and kept records.
It is the above reasons that I feel Bert Highland would be a great and effective vice president for the MTA.
Gary Jorgensen   
MTA Board of Directors,
I hereby nominate Brian Fischer for the office of President and Bert Highland for the office of Vice President for the MTA Board of Directors. Both Brian and Bert have served in several leadership roles as District Directors, Convention Coordinators, and several committees. They have been members for several years and continue to volunteer for the organization. They have a true commitment for making this organization successful and have a proven track record for making a positive impact.
It takes a team to lead an organization and I believe that Brain and Bert would make an excellent team and are willing and capable of meeting the duties as required.
Best Regards
Dale Jindra
District 4 CO-Director
I would like to nominate Bert Highland for the position of Vice President of the Minnesota Trappers Association (MTA).

Bert showed exemplary leadership for (10) years as our District 1 Director.  He communicated well with members and the board.  Bert organized our fall trapping classes and both taught and mentored youth even after classes were completed.  Bert was the headliner and organizer for the (MTA) booth at the Duluth Boat, Sports and Travel Show for many years.  He works well with Conservation Officers, putting up a good deal of confiscated fur every year for the (MTA) Tanned Fur project.  He has also generously donated both time and money to every state convention.  Above all, he is probably the most knowledgeable and talented trapper in Northeastern Minnesota.

Bert Highland would be a tremendous asset to the (MTA) in the leadership position of Vice President.
Trap ’til I die,
Frank J. Brula
To the Membership of the MTA:
I would like to nominate Brian Fischer for MTA President. During his time with the MTA, Brian has served in many different roles for the organization. He started as co-director of district 7, moving up to serve as director of district 7 a position he currently holds. He is the demo coordinator for the MTA convention and winter meetings, respectively. In addition, he has developed The Beginner Trappers Corner for the MTA a successful youth program the MTA has used to promote trapping to youth, serves on the finance committee and chairs the fundraising committee. In his time volunteering for the MTA, he has represented his district and the MTA with professionalism always keeping trapper’s best interest at heart. When his is tasked with a duty or steps forward to take one on for the MTA, he does it with commitment and is always looking for ways to make the organization stronger. His integrity and ethics are outstanding. You always know Brian’s views and his thoughts as he is willing to share for the betterment of the organization always priority #1 for him. I have had the privilege to work with Brian in many different capacities during my years of working with the MTA most recently the last four as the President. I can say without hesitation the MTA and its members will not find a better candidate to lead the organization forward. Brian if elected will always lead with the members best interests in the forefront. He will listen to all sides of an issue and make sure all voices are heard. His ability to see the big picture as well as the details will serve the organization well. He is very astute at identifying people’s strengths and will work to ensure they are provided with the tools and resources to be successful in their endeavors on behalf of the organization. He understands the political landscape in our state and knows how important it is to continue to have a strong presence at our state capital to protect traps and trapping for our present and future trappers in this state. Brian Fischer as the next MTA president is an outstanding choice and the members will not do better, if he is elected to lead the organization forward. He will always have the best interests of the MTA at heart as he leads. I encourage all to join me in supporting Brian Fischer for the next President of the MTA.
Todd A. Roggenkamp
MTA President
To the membership of the Minnesota Trappers Association,
I respectfully am nominating Brian Fischer for the position of President of the Minnesota Trappers Association. Brian is the obvious choice for moving this organization forward. Brian loves, breathes, eats, sleeps, and bleeds trapping and the MTA. Brian has been involved on the board of directors since 2010, first as a co-director and then as director of district 7. I have sat through many board meetings and observed and listened to Brian as he conducts business. Brian is very fair, very organized, very open other's ideas and extremely skilled at bringing people and ideas together to gain the most good. He is diplomatic, charismatic, approachable, respectful, and, in a word, a leader.
Brian is involved in multiple committees for the MTA. If I try to list them, I would surely miss some. Brian's leadership skills with the committees is beyond reproach. He is extremely detail oriented and his committees always bring ideas back to the board that are workable and achievable. Brian organizes all of the demos at the summer convention as well as the winter meeting. Brian is an active trapper, business man, and a devout family man.
Brian is the man to lead the Minnesota Trappers Association into the future. Please join me in supporting Brian Fischer for the position of President of the Minnesota Trapper Association.
Thank you
Don McGaffey, Director District 3
Greetings MTA Members,
I am pleased to announce that Brian Fischer from District 7 and Bert Highland from District 1 have agreed to seek the offices of MTA President and Vice President respectively. Prior to their declared candidacies, it appeared for the first time in our Association's sixty-plus-year history, that these crucial leadership offices were to remain vacant and the organization would by necessity, be led and administered by the Board of Directors alone into the foreseeable future.  

After much soul-searching and in spite of the fact that both Brian and Bert clearly have other substantial and demanding obligations in everyday life, these fine individuals have decided that agreeing to serve at this time although far from convenient, was in the best interest of the Association and the sport they so dearly love.

I wholeheartedly agree and ask that all MTA members support these men who have selflessly offered to serve the membership in such a fashion.
Shawn Johnson
MTA Education Coordinator

©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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